360 Degree Baton Holster
360 Degree Baton Holster
360 Degree Baton Holster
360 Degree Baton Holster
360 Degree Baton Holster

360 Degree Baton Holster

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Don’t get caught off-guard and always be action-ready with 360 Degree Baton Holster. Uses a mechanical roller to facilitate 360-degree movement.

360 Degree Baton Holster handling is largely dependent on a reliable carrier or holder that would keep a baton from easily falling or slipping off hand. This is mostly the case of market available holders, which are ineffective for keeping the baton intact and quickly accessible for use. Because responding to emergencies is highly crucial and risky, a reliable baton holder is necessary.

  • Suitable for 99.9% batons
  • It enables a very quick drawing of the baton
  • Convenient clamping buckle 
  • Suitable for the batons 0.98" to 1.10" (2.5 cm to 2.8 cm) diameter
  • Fit belt width: under 5.5cm
  • Adjustable waistband width

This is what the 360 Degree Baton Holster offers, ensuring the baton is securely fastened and easily accessible either tilting up or down or sideways pull.

  • More dependable handling of the baton
  • Various ways to quickly access the baton
  • Get the sense of assurance and readiness on emergencies
  • Can be used with different types of baton and security device that would fit the size.

360° Rotating Capability

A quick drawing of the baton is enabled by the swiveling holder that can pivot full circle. Uses a mechanical roller to facilitate 360-degree movement. Won’t drop-off easily, too, as the holder locks in place at horizontal, vertical, or angled positions. While it swivels, be assured that it won’t spin on big movements activities, such as running or jumping.

Easily Attach/Detach

Special clamping buckle that fits any belt not more than 5 cm in width. Fasten with ease even with only one hand. There’s no need to unbuckle the entire belt, too. The holder is firmly fixed to the belt while it holds the baton in place. No cause of worry that it will fall even during demanding and intensive movements.

Light but Sturdy

Don’t mistake its durability with its lightweight. While only weighing a half quarter of a kilo (115g) it is made of high-resistant elastic plastic that can withstand forceful movements. Appropriate rough handling like stress or light blows in practice or actual use won’t affect the holder’s strength. After all, its lightweight only adds up to its better handling.

Versatile holder

It can accommodate batons 2.5 cm to 2.8 cm, or any other tool/gadget that fits the size, such as a flashlight, crowbar, or telescopic stick.

The versatile positioning to different angles also contributes to the readiness of the baton for its fast draw and to the reliable grip of the user.

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