Tactical Hunting Boonie Hat

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Tactical Hunting Boonie Hat


Originating as a military garment, Tactical Hunting Boonie Hat grew into popular items for anyone spending time outdoors — especially in the sun. Designed to offer significant protection from ultraviolet rays, these Hunting Boonie Hat feature a broad brim that encircles the entire accessory. Incorporating a lengthy strap that falls just in front of the ears, it’s easy to secure these Hunting Boonie Hat in place during windy conditions. Depending on your outdoor endeavors, you require different features in your Hunting Boonie Hat. Certain models offer waterproof features…


This Boonie is equipped with loops for additional camouflage vegetation, 
an adjustable paracord back.
Brim masking hat "Scout" tailored in such a way that it's smaller in size compared to the typical BOONIE hat.

  • 35%Cotton + 65%Polyester 
  • Weight: 50g 
  • Head Circumference: 56-62cm adjustable
  • Stock: International.


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