Cleaning Kit

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Cleaning Kit

Tired of plastic jags breaking off in your rods? Upgraded: our Weapon Cleaning Kit with solid brass CNC Precision machined jags and tips! No more breaking plastic in your gun barrel. Durable: Weapon Cleaning Kit with Full Brass Jags - All jags and slotted tips are made from solid brass and clearly marked what caliber to use it on. Some of the accessories are consumable, universal Weapon Cleaning Kit can be used for all guns take all the Weapon Cleaning Kit in one handy case you can take anywhere, the case is easily portable for trips to the range. Every Weapon Cleaning Kit accessories are organized in their own compartments. Everything you need for cleaning weapons.



  • features: portable and safe
  • gun accessories: hunting accessory
  • 5PCS set
  • 11PCS set
  • 25PCS set
  • Stock: International


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