Flat Pack D3 Chest Rig Hydration Backpack

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Flat Pack D3 Chest Rig Hydration Backpack


The Flat Pack D3 Chest Rig Hydration Backpack also makes an excellent everyday pack for civilians looking for a very compact carry bag that doesn't scream military. Designed with a unique expandable gusset system, the Flat Pack D3 Chest Rig Hydration Backpack is an assault pack that can go from an almost flat profile when compressed. This Flat Pack D3 Chest Rig Hydration Backpack is a bag that bridges the gap between a small assaulter pack and a full-sized day pack.


Chest Rig

  • Micro chest rig has 3 insert options that can accommodate most common magazines.
  • One triple 5.56mm magazine pouch.
  • One large pouch.
  • Two quad SMG/PCC (Sub Machine Gun/Pistol Caliber Carbine) magazine pouch.
  • This unique insert allows any size mag to be inserted from a smaller MP5 style magazine up to a larger SIG MPX style magazine.



  • Adjustable & detachable straps.
  • Compatible with PALS platforms.
  • Hydration compatible, USA original MC material.
  • Expandable design allows the pack to remain small and compact when full capacity is not necessary, and then easily expandable the storage room when needed.


D3 Hanger Utility Belly Pouch

  • Extra a large-sized Velcro. It makes easy to attach to different vests or chest rig.
  • Fixing strap in the bottom and elastic band and tape inside.
  • - Shotgun bullet holder fixed by velcro, it can be taken off easily in order to load the bullets.


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