Green Line Australian Flag

Green Line Australian Flag

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Green Line Australian Flag

Green Line Australian Flag is made of high quality 100% polyester equipped with grommets. The flag is double-sided so you can hang it horizontally or the correct way vertically!

Size: 150 x 90 cm

Green Line Australian Flag Shirts Available here.

Horizontal and vertical display of flags

On the Australian National Flag, the Union Jack is placed in the upper left-hand quarter (known as the 'canton') nearest the flagpole. The canton is the position of honour on the flag and it should always appear in the upper left-hand corner when the flag is being flown (either horizontally or vertically).

Picture of the Australian Flag horizontal 

When the flag is displayed vertically, the canton appears to be back-to-front, however as the canton is in the upper left-hand quarter, it is correct.

Picture of the Australia Flag vertical 

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