LED Headlamp

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LED Headlamp


Don’t waste money on batteries! Affordable yet durable, the LED Headlamp will last a minimum of 500 charge cycles. The headlight comes with a USB cable for charging. With a maximum brightness of 160 Lumens, it can light up to 150m ahead. The full beam is bright, and the flashing modes can draw attention. The power capability is 4 hours for full brightness and 30 hours for economic brightness. The maximum charging time is 6 hours. Due to the waterproof rating (IPX4) of the lamp, the USB charge flashlight is protected from the rain. The headlamp has one white light in the center of the headlamp and two red lights on the sides.


Headlamp modes: 
White light: full brightness, half brightness, and flashing;
Red light: full brightness, half brightness and flashing.


There are separate switches for both lights. You can combine different modes of white and red lights. Press the right button to turn on the central white light and the left button to turn on the red side lights. Press one more time to switch the mode and three times to turn it off. The headlamp strap is stretchable and can be adjusted to be bigger or smaller so it is suitable for any head size.




The mini headlamp lasts a minimum of 500 charge cycles so there is no need to buy batteries anymore. Charging is 6 hours. A full charge will last 4 hours for full brightness and 30 hours for economic brightness.




The flashlight has two high beams: red and white, white low beam, flashing (strobe mode): red and white. There are two separate buttons for the red and white light, which means you can start them individually or combine the modes. The head torch has an adjustable light angle of up to 45 degrees which can be adjusted with an easy up or down motion.




The 160 Lumens headlamp lights up to 150m ahead of you. With a waterproof rating of PX4: it’s protected from the rain. The head lantern weight is only 80g, and it has an adjustable and stretchable strap, which makes the headlamp suitable for any head size.


Packing Includes:

1 x LED rechargeable headlamp
1 x USB cable



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