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SRT7GT Nitecore LED Flashlight

Multi-Color Tactical Light

SRT7GT Nitecore LED Flashlight is the perfect light for all tactical users. Powered by a single 18650 battery or a pair of CR123A batteries (these are high-performance batteries, not AA or AAA), this powerful torch is capable of producing 1000 Lumens of white radiant light thanks to its sophisticated CREE XP-L OI v3 LED. The SRT7GT features a smooth aluminium reflector, which combined with the Crystal Light Coating Technology allows its beam to launch about 1500 feet away; That's almost 5 football pitches! In addition to its CREE LED, this versatile lightweight sports 4 secondary coloured LEDs (Red, Blue, Green, and Ultraviolet) can be used for a number of tactical purposes. The Red LED helps preserve the night vision of a natural person, perfect for a variety of nighttime activities. The Blue and Green LEDs are ideal for hunters and sportsmen, while the Ultraviolet LED Light can be useful for everything from police work to coin inspection.

Smart Ring Technology

The NITECORE SRT7GT is operated via a rubber tail cap switch and Nitecore's patented Intelligent Ring Selector, a one-of-a-kind operating system that allows better functionality and customization. The dial-like switch rotates around the body of light allowing for seamless switching between different outputs, including a tactical strobe, a locating device, and a special blue and red flash police warning light. The selector ring also provides adjustable brightness for your primary CREE LED, allowing free adjustment anywhere between 0.1 and 1000 lumens. Thanks to its incredible versatility, the SRT7GT is able to provide lighting for just about any situation.

Built To Last

The SRT7GT is as durable as it is versatile, constructed from grade Aerospace aluminium alloy and coated with a military-grade hard anodized finish. The LED light and other internal components are protected by an optical glass lens with anti-reflective coating and is sealed tight by a stainless steel bezel. The rugged body gives the SRT7GT incredible impact resistance, protected from falls as high as 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) as well as water damage, gaining an IPX-8 rating of water resistance. The flashlight is further internally protected, utilizing a spring-loaded absorption mechanism that provides protection against reversal of polarity.


  • The body comes with hard-anodized tough aluminum coating to prevent scratches and rust
  • Knurling diamond helps provide a secure grip even when wearing gloves
  • An optical lens with a special anti-glare coating
  • Smooth Aluminum Reflector with 2nd Gen Technology Crystal Coating maximizes beam distance
  • The stainless steel frame helps protect internal components from damage
  • Third Generation Intelligent Ring Technology enables easy change of outputs, custom brightness levels
  • Secondary colour LEDs used for a wide variety of tactical purposes
  • Comes with a trio of special output modes:
    • Strobe - Used to disorient an attacker or target
    • Beacon -Efficient flash to mark the current position
    • Police  Signal -Alternative flashing blue and red LEDs
  • Power indicator LED located on the side of the head
  • U-shaped tail cap helps prevent accidental activation
  • Spring-loaded absorption mechanism with reverse polarity protection
  • Included Accessories: NO BATTERY
    • 1 x Holster
    • 1 x Removable Pocket Clip
    • 1 x Tactical Cigar Ring
    • 1 x Lanyard
    • 1 x Spare-Ring
    • 1 x Tailcap Rubber Boot Replacement


  • LEDs: CREE XP-L OI V3 LED, 4 Secondary Color LEDs ( RedBlueGreen, and Ultraviolet )
  • Power supply: 1x18650 OR 2 x CR123A
  • IPX Classification: IPX-8 (Proof D 'Water and submersible up to 2 meters)
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter (3.28 ft.)
  • Brightness Outputs (Using 1x18650):
    • Turbo -1000 Lumens-1 Hour 15 Min.
    • Ultralow -0.1 Lumens-240 Hours
    • Red -Lens-28 13 Hours
    • Blue -Lens-26 3 Hours
    • Green -Lens-26 19 Hours
    • Ultraviolet -N / A-26 Hours
  • Brightness Outputs (Using 2 x CR123A):
    • Turbo -1000 Lumens-1 Hour
    • Ultralow -0.1 Lumens-130 Hours
    • Red -Lumens-19 13 Hours
    • Blue -Lens-18 3 Hours
    • Green -Lens-18 19 Hours
    • Ultraviolet N / A-18 Hours
  • Distance from Peak Beam: 450 meters (1476.4 ft.)
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 50900 cd
  • Dimensions:
    • Length-6.22 "(158mm)
    • Head-Diameter-1.57 "(40mm)
  • Weight: 6.1 oz. (173g)




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