Tactical Battery Storage Magazine

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Battery Storage Magazine

The Tactical Battery Storage Magazine of the FMA function is an innovative storage/battery dispenser similar to an ammunition charger that keeps the batteries organized, protected, and available when you need them.

Product Description:

Tactical Battery Storage Magazine of the FMA function provides a highly functional way to organize, store, and transport used batteries in a common way. A family magazine-style design keeps batteries protected from damage, dirt, and debris, ensuring they are not accidentally discharged. Because everything works with batteries, it is very common to have a lot of extras thrown in a bag or loose in a bag. This makes it difficult to find in the dark while digging through a package and increases the danger of overheating them when coming into contact with a conductive surface. Designed by a veteran sound engineer for on-site cameras, the FMA function battery storage is a safe and convenient method to keep batteries on hand.

The battery storage of the FMA function uses a spring-loaded follower to push batteries to the top of the device where they are easily deployed by pushing with the thumb. A battery count indicator on the back of the battery storage of the FMA function immediately shows how many are left. The smooth and smooth exterior surface allows it to easily slip into pockets, bags, and packages.


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