Tactical Quick Release Sling

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Tactical Quick Release Sling


Tactical Quick Release Sling Loop Swivel Attachment, Mount Adapter, Push Button, Loop Sling Swivel. Tactical Quick Release Sling customized the whole structure is forged by high strength steel, with professional hard coat anodize and matte black finish, and this manufacturing process can make sure that the product is prevented from corrosion, rust, or scratches. Tactical Quick Release Sling has the durability of the item, and the swivel with a polished ball can rotate 360 degrees smoothly horizontally and vertically, and we are sure that the design of rotation makes it much easier for your using. The Tactical Quick Release Sling is a heavy-duty push-button mechanism that allows quickly install and detach with a simple operation. Just press the push button, and then insert the item into the mount base or remove it out.


  • Guide Length: 10"/25cm
  • Color: Black/Tan
  • Material: Steel
  • Fit: 20mm Picatinny Rail
  • Weight: 50g
  • Fit 20mm Rail
  • Dual Purpose loop and Swivel sling adapter
  • Stock: International.


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