Adjustable Ghillie Suit Detachable Cape

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Adjustable Ghillie Suit Detachable Cape

The Adjustable Ghillie Suit Detachable Cape with rubber bands and straps. Adjustable chest tension strap. There are square strap cells all over the hood, on the back, and sleeves for applying disguise elements. There are 3 plastic buckles on the viper hood back to hold the back drape. Multi-Purpose Back Drape provides an option for a modular concealment garment. The drape can also be used as a standalone concealment cover; the perfect aid for hasty camouflage of equipment, or to augment the team hide kit.



  • Made of mesh nylon with heavy-duty buckles.
  • Straps all over the cape for applying the disguise element.
  • Mesh nylon for burlap and vegetation attachment. It has plenty of places to attach yarn, burlap, or vegetation.
  • The ghillie cape has 3 clips on the back to fit the "DIY Ghillie Suit Foundation" (sold separately).



  • Ghillie suit foundation: Cotton
  • Ghillie suit cape: mesh nylon


  • Ghillie suit foundation approx 0.48kg
  • Ghillie suit cape approx 0.35kg
  • Stock: International

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